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Email verification, that gets the most out of your data | MailingBird.com

Boost your conversions with enhanced email-data!

MailingBird is a powerful software turning email-addresses into useable data to boost your marketing campaigns with enhanced information! Read more

Already 1.592.670 emails verified and enriched!

Target like a boss and build kick-ass campaigns using our powerful features:

Validate subscriber data

Tune-up your database and flag outdated and invalid email-addresses to build kick-ass performance campaigns.

Optimize your targeting options

Get a full set of enhanced information on every subscriber and start talking to people, not just mailboxes.

Check your subscribers SpamAuthority

Find out who is going to read your mails and free your database from spam-mails to focus on your business.

Boost your conversions

Use optimized data on every recipient to boost your conversions and open- and response-rates.

Reduce bounce-rates and costs

Eliminate bounces and reduce costs for every single campaign and increase your Return-On-Investment.

Go one step ahead with MailingBird

Use the power of MailingBird to optimize your campaigns already before your mailings are sent! Read more

Wanna try out the bird?

Use our Sandbox to let us demonstrate what the MailingBird brings to you.

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